Our collective experience spans engagements in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia and is as diverse as it is accomplished.

We specialize in an holistic view of every project and engagement and act with integrity to create winning strategies.  Using our extensive network and principle-based system to maximize resources and effectiveness, we balance short-term needs with the long-term goals.  We know how to work with people.

                                                                           Our expertise includes:

Business Consulting/Advisory/Strategy
Customized Operations/Systems
Capital Raising
        Marketing/Brand/Corporate Identity
Project Management
Campaign Strategies & Execution
Entertainment Production
Talent Management


Our leadership team actively contributes to defining the high-level, ongoing strategic direction of our businesses, as well as our operational strategies, structures, systems, policies, procedures, and guidelines.


Our Associates represent the future of our firm.  They are entrepreneurial by nature, systematically developing their entrepreneurial and business skills within a broader, global enterprise that is our firm.

Our Associates represent the first generation whose work life begins in an overwhelmingly project-driven global economy, where a holistic approach effectively applied by all in the enterprise will increasingly be a necessary component of individual success and collective success at the highest levels.