Five-Star Gymnastics Academy (2005-2008)

Based in East Rockaway, New York, Five-Star Gymnastics Academy earned a loyal, generational following in the community by providing children’s competitive and recreational gymnastics programs.  Realizing he and his staff were at the top of their professional capacity, the CEO retained our comprehensive services.
Taking interim executive positions as Managing Director and Marketing Director in the company, our consulting team designed and implemented holistic operational strategies, structures, systems, guidelines, policies, and procedures to align the efforts and foster leadership practices of every member of the organization.

Five-Star Artistic Sports & Entertainment Academy, Inc. was the recommended new banner name for the business, chosen to express expanded program-offerings and a teaching philosophy of fun, discipline, progress, performance, and entertainment. 
Considerable time was spent addressing staff misaligned relationships and practices in the business — applying instead, principle-based operational systems of mutual accountability to measure and reward job performance, professional growth, and aligned leadership development.   Marketing and advertising strategies were created and collateral materials executed to more effectively highlight new and existing programs and activities.
Our implemented recommendations provided a 50% increase in gross revenues over a four-year period.  Additionally, we devised and executed the acquisition and integration of a competitor business during the onset of the global financial crisis.  Importantly, the CEO  maintains a commitment to our principle-centered business practices that focus on integrity  and customer service that exceeds expectations – all of which leads to the company’s expanding financial bottom-line.