The Kit Kat Club (1997)
The Kit-Kat Club was a stage-show/night-club concept that turned the aftermath of a Broadway show theater into a themed night club – the Broadway show being Cabaret, and the themed night club (The Kit-Kat Club) featuring live creative acrobatic performances (a la Cirque du Soleil) and costumed stage shows in the spirit of cabaret.
We were retained as part of a broad production team to design and produce an opening gala show, then to design and produce regular weekend live creative acrobatic performances.
Over the course of this six-month assignment, we designed and featured a series of Spanish Web aerial ballet performances, high-wire cross-theater walkers, fire eaters, and other novelty/specialty performers – all integrated into special events and private functions hosting as many as 2000 guests, e.g.: celebrity parties; Fashion Week after-parties; New Year’s Eve gala; etc.
One of the highlights of this assignment was the opportunity to work alongside famed dancer/choreographer Frank Hatchett, as he produced a weekly dance review segment entitled Harlem Nights.