Precious Metals Trading Platform (2011- 2017)
In September 2011, a New-York based group of private investors (with prior negative experience attempting to ship precious minerals out of Sub-Saharan West Africa) retained us to erect a physical precious minerals trading platform.  We selected the West African country of Ghana to locate operations.
Using its related contacts and resources, we formed a joint-venture partnership with the family of the 2000-2008 Prime Minister of Ghana, Kwadwo Okyere Mpiani.  The partnership was structured for us to provide the investor group and on-the-ground development of the working infrastructure to execute the physical trading of the precious minerals.
From June 2012 through November 2012, we created a base of operations in Accra Ghana, a trading field office in Kumasi Ghana, and an adjacent base of operations in Jamasi Ghana.  Four transactions averaging 3kg each were executed at a nearly 10% gross profit per transaction in a rising market through September 2012.  A sharp downturn in the months of October/November 2012 was immediately addressed by trying to broaden investment capital to facilitate higher volume purchases, but the market drop was too fast to secure additonal investors.
With a market drop-off through the end of 2012 into 2013, we presented and developed a strategy to build a relationship-based consignment model.  The strategy would require building a joint-venture relationship with a mining concession owner eager to develop his mining operation.  Pursuing this strategy took several years to find the right joint-venture supplier-partner, traveling thoughout West Africa, East Africa, and Dubai.
As of 2017, we have secured in Ghana a credible supplier-partner and have formed a comprehensive joint-venture partnership to receive precious mineral shipments on consignment, in exchange for staged investments into co-developing the underlying mining operation on the ground in Ghana.