Start-Up Services

We help walk you through the following steps

STEP 1: Are You Ready for Your Own Business?
- Why do you want your own business?
  - Why are you choosing this particular business?
  - What would you ultimately like to get out of your business?
  - What are you disciplined to give up in order to achieve your goals?
  - Do you have the full support of those closest to you?

STEP 2: Creating Your Business Plan & Presentation
- Feasibility/market research studies
  - Business strategy around your identified unique service points
  - Associated top-level organizational structures and systems
  - Break-Even/Profit & Loss projections
  - Exit strategies
  - Writing your business plan
  - Presenting your business plan

STEP 3: Raising Capital for Your Business
- Devising Investor investment scenarios
  - Locating and qualifying prospective Investors
  - Creating and making formal presentations to prospective Investors
  - Follow-up with prospective Investors
  - Negotiating and structuring agreements with Investors
  - Designing monthly, quarterly, and annual Investor business/progress reports

STEP 4: Launching Your Business
- Pre-launch checklist
  - Pre-launch personnel recruiting, interviewing, selection, and training
  - Implementing all operational systems, policies, procedures, and
  - Monitoring and fine-tuning all systems and operations

STEP 5: Running Your Business
- Ongoing monitoring and fine-tuning of all systems and operations
  - Problem prevention, detection, and resolution strategies
  - Fully documenting business operations and systems
  - Developing a walk-away, self-running business