Zone Perfect Fresh Food Delivery (2000-2001)

In late 1999, Zone Perfect Fresh Food Delivery, a Long Island NY-based company, was experiencing tremendous growth in marketing and daily-delivering a combination of meals and snacks based on the best-selling diet book/system by Dr. Barry Sears, “The Zone Diet.”  To address its rapid growth, the company created two independent Sales & Marketing divisions.
In January of 2000, Mr. Blake was approached by the President/CEO of one of the Sales & Marketing divisions to work in the capacity of Account Management & Development, with the expressed objective to design and implement customer service/development systems to boost their then list of approximately 100 clients.
Mr. Blake immediately created a Customer Service department within the Sales & Marketing division, and over the course of six months designed and developed a holistic, harmonious system of customer service programs that included: new customer orientation; problem prevention, detection, and resolution; complementary personal fitness-training services; referral rewards; program renewal; and customer program exit interviews.  Over the same six-month period, results yielded a 250% increase in the number of clients enrolled in the program, as well as a corresponding better than 100% increase in the average length of time clients remained on the program — far outdistancing related performance of the other independent Sales & Marketing division of the company.  With customer service/development systems in place, Mr. Blake interviewed and hired his replacement before concluding this assignment.
In March of 2001, Mr. Blake was asked to assist in automating the customer service/development systems he previously designed, and to develop the newly formed Customer Renewal division.  In the five months before Zone Perfect Fresh Food Delivery ultimately collapsed due to poor executive leadership and management at the parent company, the Customer Renewal division staff grew six-fold, servicing an average of 1500 customers per month.
Approximately two years later, Zone Perfect Fresh Food Delivery was replaced by Zone Chefs, headed by the former President/CEO of the Sales & Marketing division that originally engaged Mr. Blake.  In 2004 the President/CEO reported to Mr. Blake solid business systems, majority market share, and a comprehensive growth strategy.